Parental Consent Form

Parental Consent Form

Dear Parent/Guardian:

I am the lead investigator for a project being conducted by researchers from the College of Education at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC). We would like to include your child in a research project on how best to design simulations that help children to learn complex but critical ideas in science. Specifically, we are interested in how body movement such as hand gestures can be used to interact with simulations on several different science topics. We will be looking at how body movement helps students understand difficult science concepts and using this information to design better educational activities and technologies that utilize these movements.

This research involves three rounds of individual interviews with students where they will work on science problems. Your child may also be asked to use computer simulation technologies that use motion-based controllers. These controls are similar to the kinds of controllers found in video games such as the Wiimote or the Kinect. We will videotape and use these interviews for research analysis and dissemination. Information about your child’s movement as they use these controllers will be recorded onto a computer.

In the interview sessions, your child will be given science problems to work on that will be similar to his or her regular science curriculum. The researcher will ask the student to “talk aloud” as he/she tries to solve the problem, and will ask your child follow-up questions about his/her thinking process. Questions may also be given to your child on paper that asks them about these same science topics and about their previous experience with science. Some of these questions will be challenging, and sometimes students experience anxiety when talking about their understanding of difficult problems. Researchers will remind your child that these problems are supposed to be difficult and emphasize that he/she is not expected to know all the answers. The researcher will end the session if it becomes too stressful.

Your child’s participation in this project is completely voluntary. In addition to your permission, your child will also be asked if he or she would like to take part in this project. Only those children who have parental permission and who want to participate will do so, and any child may stop taking part at any time. You are free to withdraw your permission for your child’s participation at any time and for any reason without penalty. These decisions will have no effect on your future relationship with the school. Your decision as to whether or not to allow your child to participate will not affect your child’s science grade. Data collected during this research project will be secured in our lab and will not become a part of your child’s school record.

If your child chooses to participate, he or she will receive $5 for the 1st round interview, $10 the 2nd round interview, and $15 for the 3rd round interview. If your child starts the study and decides not to continue for any reason, he or she will still receive the amount corresponding to the current interview round. Interview sessions will take place either at your child’s school or at our research laboratory at the College of Education, 1310 S. Sixth St., Champaign, IL 61820. Study sessions will last approximately one hour.

In the space at the bottom of this letter, please indicate whether you do or do not want your child to participate in this research and return this note to your child’s teacher as soon as possible. We would also appreciate your voluntary completion of a brief demographic survey should you decide you wish your child to participate.

Please also indicate at the bottom of this form if you give permission for your child to be video recorded and for what purpose(s) these recordings can be used. Any sharing or publication of the research results will not identify any of the participants by name, and any video collected as part of this study will not be made publicly available online.

We look forward to working with your child. We think that our research will be enjoyable for the children who participate and will help them to learn about important concepts in science.

If you have any questions about this project, please contact the research team using the information below. If you have any questions about your child’s rights as a participant in this study or any concerns or complaints, please contact the University of Illinois Institutional Review Board at 217-333-2670 or via email at

Please print a copy of this letter for your records.


Robb Lindgren
Assistant Professor

ELASTICS Parental Consent Form
This means that the video will be shown to research team members for analysis and discussion in team meetings. The video may also be used in a PowerPoint presentation at an academic conference or workshop by members of the research team. It may also be shown in college courses on topics related to the research being conducted. In all cases, videos shown for these purposes will not be distributed publicly online.